Why Are Children So Obsessed With Fuckr

Called company to cancel and was billed again after speaking to them. Reported to charge for fraud needed to cancel card.

Fake garbage, needs to be noted for fraud.

Most profiles run by bots. Pretend to get in touch with you.

Looking into lawful ways to sue for fraud, maybe a class action litigation. Provides bogus accounts.

Perhaps not the very best tbh. I’d speed a few above it – HookupHangout.com is my current weapon of choice – but probably works well in large cities as I have heard a great deal of great things about it. Just not happening for me but will keep trying a bit longer, very few crawlers or crawlers so worth giving it more of a opportunity. Plus some rather attractive ladies are around the market, which helps of course

I used Fuckr for several months but just fake profiles. . I use yuusk, and I already had my first trip after 2 weeks.

I must concur with Mr. Customer’s inspection:

Messages from fanciful women.

This site does not deliver. YOU CANNOT EVEN REMOVE YOUR ACCOUNT once you’re in utilizing the "eliminate account" link under your profile’s preferences. The only offered option will be and upgrade to a paid subscripion which in turn would continue infinitely. The subscription itself is very difficult to terminate.

After you log in, you start getting plenty of messages from women. You receive messages if your profile is either empty or you do not have not printed any photos. The best way to browse messages is by upgrading to a paid subscription. Don’t bother. All the messages are fakes and delivered by imaginary hired employees people. The idea is to get your credit card information for subscriptions which are extremely difficult to terminate. Even though there were some actual messages, you can’t actually tell. The entire thing is just nicely packaged bait.

This firm look like it own several similar sister sites which operate identical method. Even the photographs are the same.

Simply. Stay away.

Signed up for a three day trial plus they tried charging me and I called them not to repeat billing me but they attempted to take out more and I had to shread my bank card since it was reported stolen.

Its fake members, waste of money and time.

No one on this site all imitation.

How can u get disappointed when u ask a very simple question.

All pretermoned answers fake fake fake.

I used to do well on this site but boy has it gone down hill. It’s like an old girlfriend that will nonetheless suffice when you’re horny but doesn’t turn you on like the new young thing in the office so you realize you need to proceed. Ive been playing around and found hookuphangout.com.

I have signed 3 days trial to test, but the site have billed additional time 1 month, 9 euro. I requested to cancel, received some generated password but the cash were not refunded. After one week I found in my charge card action charged with around 19 euro again for another full month membership with no authorization. Don’t submit an application period, there are fake profiles, no one will reply you.

Totally bogus, on the three day subscription they charge you same amount for different websites such as flirt.com, also is quite hard to offset the subscription they have a contact form with subject to cancel it, but they does not respond . I called my bank, blocked my credit card and received one new.

Totally fake and profiles are automatic made by them just creating scam earning money from people who don’t understand any of them is not real they just earn money and provide nothing in back.

Totaly cheating website .Human learns on own mistakes. I paid 2.97 for your 3 days trial and they took me 2.97 and 22.99 he writes he wishes to get back the money and they send me dumb replies that I have already paid and can’t refund.Scam.

This site is deceitful: all of the profiles are fake and they make you jump through "1000 flaming hoops" just to cancel your "3-Day Trial Subscription. " I will ask my bank to stop all payments to them (and to "charge back" any which were sent).

This site is completely bogus. Purchased a 3-day discounted membership. I’m not convinced it is not entirely made up of bots. It didn’t take very long to see exactly the same pattern with every woman – inquire you meaningless, philosophical questions (e.g., what are you most ashamed of?) , then when you ask them the same, nearly always got a reply such as, "what’s the question? ". Huh?

When every chick on a site called BE-friggin-NAUGHTY wishes to just be friends, something isn’t correct. And to confuse you even more, be ready for from nowhere sexual chat from the same "girls ". Right as soon as they ask you that their stupid, trivial questions, they launch into comments like, "I’m so https://mynaughtyaffair.com/fuckr wet right now. ". Absolutely ridiculous.

Finish your subscription is a significant hassle. After saying online a minimum of five times that you are confident you want to cancel it gives you a phone number you need to call. On this call, the rep just talks on you and states they’re providing you with seven free times or some crap like this. Say what? I want to cancel! At which time they finally tell you they’ll cancel your subscription at the following five minutes. Stay away. You’ve been warned.

Fake site. Very, very few actual women on this site and tons of bogus profiles. Then they won’t allow you to cancel.

Stay away from this website and also don ‘t waste your own time & money. It’s completely scamming!

I don’t understand what its like for guys utilizing this site but as a lady of the species I can tell you that this site is pretty awesome for us girls and im finding it difficult to locate many negatives. Its free to get a start — yep, chubby boys! Gender advantages of becoming the fairer gender, what can I say! LOL! Its also quick to join and super simple to use (its quite similar in this regard to hookuphangout.com for all those who have used that site, which is also awesome by the way). I can find a bit bogged down in messages sometimes, particularly if I don’t check in daily, but that’s not exactly a bad thing either as it just means there are tons of guys that like the appearance of me and wish to get in touchwith If anything it saves me doing searches to locate people, when your a girl on this site you can just sit back, relax and let the hot male bodies flock to you! Im determined to locate a cloud for all of these silver linings so that the 1 thing id like to see is a means to filter out the profiles which are just pics of penises — maybe not sexy guys, not trendy! If I got a dollar for every single cousin I needed to look at when I do get round to making a hunt id be so wealthy that I could cover everybody ‘s memberships! If we can filter these then it would mean we wouldn’t spend so much time trying to locate a guy to hook up together and life could be perfect (as I can 100% inform you that the guys who post pics of the dangly bits aren’t the sort of people I wish to spend an evening with).

Other people had similar stories on similar trial procedure. I sued them after a while I won!

So that my story is like this: I don’t need a dating site, it’s just not my thing, sorry but I don’t wish to offend anybody. But a few months ago I noticed a great deal of pop-ups revealing on my apple using this site.I have an antivirus software installed so I believed it’s nothing that bad. I believed at first that I had some kind of virus (cookie cutter ) from sites that I hunt things on. So days pass and the same narrative, pop-ups daily. 1 day I go into the settings of this site and I want to click on the security option (that lock on the left) and to my dismay I discover that I had already an account. I’ve hunted more so I found it used the same password as my email account on the browser. They’ve a "security" check using an email send to my email box but when I’ve checked, it was marked as read. I’ve had a couple emails into my inbox and spam, and on one of them it was a "congratulation on your new account on Fuckr". The account was full of messages from individuals and winks, yes I understand they are from bots and applications. It had an image with some naked dude on account therefore that it can appear legit and get attention. I want to sue them for using my advice, I’ve read that they are not really fair with people who actually check in on the site but this practice is on the top! It steals your privacy without you wanting an account and it might cause damage to your life. Stay off and be careful, if you find some kind of notification of this kind, investigate more, and carefully click on matters, it can harm your image, livelihood, or relanshionships!

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